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Stanley "Dirt Monkey" Genadek 506,637 views Rough Country 1180 Rough Country-1180-Rear Forged Adjustable Track Bar for 2. Use this by itself or in conjunction with an RSK kit to improve ride and handling even more. Ford 9 in. All bolt on--mounts using stock motor mount holes, our 5261B Coil Tower bolts and two others drilled in engine cross member. . Rusty's Off-Road track bar mounts are perfect for installing your own custom track bars or when fixing damaged factory track bar mounts. The constant stress weakens the factory mounting brackets and causes the track bar bushings to wear out very quickly. Most mechanics will inspect the track bar during a routine front end suspension Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 Project ZJ Part 5 Steering Slop Death Wobble Fix Track Bar Axle Mount - Duration: 8:02. Also, as already mentioned in this thread, the Ultimate 44 has different track bar and steering stabilizer mounts. Available at Autorust. 46-1608-1 Screw adjustment panhard bar mount- Axle end, angled 3-1/2 " below centerline $188. 00" Tube). 5" forged johnny joint. They are also handy when fabricating a custom suspension on your 4x4. Use the TeraFlex TJ/LJ High Steer Front Track Bar Lower Axle Bracket Mount with a Pro LCG (low-center-of-gravity) suspension system and/or a high steer kit. 2. Nope. It is attached to the "L" shaped portion of an old Rough Country track bar mount I had. 12080__SPRING Perches; Pair . Your Price: $45. 1999 to 2004 Ford Super Duty four wheel drive trucks with leaf spring front ends have a common problem of breaking the track bar mount off of the front housing. We invite you to create an account with us if you like, or shop as a guest. It uses a standard 2" mounting width joint and has 4 holes sized for 1/2" bolts which can be drilled larger if desired. Your Price: $23. We go out of our way to carry every major line of Dodge Ram track bars, so that whether you are looking for a front adjustable Dodge Ram track bar or a rear track bar or anything in between, we've got it for you. My bar is 1. This 1/4 bracket uses a 9/16s through hole, and a 2 5/8s inside diamter, intended for a 2. The J8 axle has the same end forgings as a standard Rubicon. S. When ordered with the truss, this mount comes fully welded to your TNT Customs rear truss. If you have excessive play in your steering, even after changing the bushings in your tack bar, then it is probably a good idea to check your track bar mount on the axle for play in the bushing itself. 25, 3. Using a 21mm socket, breaker bar and 21mm wrench, remove the bolts and nuts securing your Jeep JK Wrangler’s rear track bar to the axle and frame mounts. When the track bar begins to wear out, it will have a serious impact in the way your vehicle handles, steers, and in some cases, accelerate and brake. Made from 3/16 steel this bracket wont wallow out and bend like the factory sheet metal bracket will. Front Track Bar Bracket for 87-95 Jeep YJ Wrangler [1163] | Rough Country ® Jeep Cherokee 1984-1996: How to Install Track Bar. CNC cut on one of our 2 in house lasers from 1/4" mild steel and CNC bent on our 5-axis Trumpf Press Brake. This is our high  Nov 14, 2016 The universal track bar bracket axle mount is for you. b. If you're planning on lifting your Jeep, you're going to want to upgrade to an adjustable track bar to keep all of your suspension geometry in line. Originally invented by the Panhard automobile company of France in the early twentieth century, this device has been widely used ever since. To ensure stable, controlled steering, find a new track bar that keeps you and your truck pointed in the right direction. Leading Suspension Lift Kits, Leveling Kits, body lift, Ford, Chevy, Jeep, Dodge, Toyota, Mickey Thompson Tires Jeep Track Bar Bracket Crossover Hysteer Mount Large Tube TNT Customs, TNT's axle mounted OTK and Hysteer trackbar bracket is just what you need in order to keep your draglink and trackbar geometry correct when converting your Jeep TJ,LJ,XJ,MJ or ZJ to a Crossover/Hysteer setup. 0 Axle Tube Sizes. Shop Track Bar Mounting Brackets and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. Your Jeep comes with two track bars from the factory, one for the front axle and one for the rear. A heavy duty, adjustable, front track bar designed as a factory style replacement for TJ/LJ, XJ, ZJ, and MJ applications. 1988-1997 OBS Ford Adjustable Trackbar-This adjustable track bar fits solid axle 1988-1997 Ford F-250/350 trucks. Our Jeep TJ, LJ, MJ, XJ, and ZJ, front axle track bar bracket is a direct replacement for your factory front axle track bar bracket. 0 inches; The Synergy Manufacturing 2 - 3 Inch Bolt-on Rear Track Bar Brackets is laser cut from 3/16" steel with a 2 stage powdercoat finish for maximum strength and durability; California Residents: WARNING The Dodge Off Road Track Bar is honestly the best track bar you can get for your 2nd gen Ram 4x4, at any suspension height. Check out all the great parts we have in stock and ready to ship. Also, remove the stabilizer mount- This article applies to the Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ (1993-1998). You can do this in your driveway using basic tools. Bracket accepts a 2 inch wide joint or bushing. FREE Shipping. Track bars are an essential component of Jeep leveling kits, providing lateral stability between your wheels. WJ Track Bar (1999-2004) For the WJ Grand Cherokee, we have a new adjustable front track bar. It directly mounts to the factory tapered track bar mount on the frame but requires the axle mount to be drilled to 9/16" for added strength. 1. However, I cannot find ANYWHERE rear body mounts. 4. The new bracket mounts to the factory track bar axle mount. A trac bar between the frame and front axle is required, to center the axle under the vehicle (the frame side bracket FSM-1004 or FSM-1005, are sold separately). Image below is the frame is at ride height (rear cross members removed to allow viewing of track bar) Note angle of track bar in the following photos Image below is fully bottomed out; frame is on the top of the rear axle tubes. Track Bar Mounting hole is 3/4", for use with heims & spacers or large bushings. Simply cut off the face of the xj,tj,xj,mj, or LJ lower track bar mount on the axle and bolt this up inside to align desired location and weld the entirety of the bracket to the axle. FAB Trackbar Relocation Bracket. Barnes 4wd trackbar or panhard bar brackets are the solution for replacing flimsy Jeep JK Lifted Front Track Bar Bracket Offset Axle Panhard Bracket 1/4". This kit is designed for upgrading your existing track bar setup or installing one on a custom 3-link setup. This bracket is a perfect solution if  Jul 2, 2019 Raised Track Bar Bracket for Jeep XJ, TJ, LJ, MJ Dana 30 front axle. This bracket is recommended for any Jeep JK with a 2-inch lift or higher. I've got the track bar out, but the bolt at the frame mount, wont push up and out of the bracket. The slot is 6” long 3” above and below centerline of tube. At Andy's Auto Sport, we have a huge variety of Dodge Ram track bars to ensure that you have every track bar option available to you. Light grinding near the coil may be required depending on coil location. Find Panhard Bar Mounts and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Axle Model. Use a brass hammer (if you care about the old bar) to tap the ballstud loose from the bracket, then remove the nut and lower the end of the track bar. Jeep Grand Cherokee rear truss passenger side mount comes with the built in track bar mount. Both ends of the bar have pivoting  Solid axle swap upper track bar mount for 1980-1996 Bronco and F150 4x4 vehicles (fits some 4x2 vehicles) when swapping in a solid front axle housing. The track bar mount was added onto to extend it several inches higher. Bronco Graveyard has a Track Bar w/ Mount Solid Axle Conversion Swap for a 1980-1996 Ford Bronco and F-Series Truck in stock ready to ship. Brand New. Welcome to Bloody Knuckle Garage. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store. Remove the wheels and tires. 75 diameter axle, but will work on larger diameter axles. Allows you to perfectly align your axle with lifts from 2-6" tall. I opted to put a longer panhard bar that would mount on the bottom of diff axle housing, through the 4 link bars, to the frame. I like a solid panhard running parallel with the rear end from the frame to a mount, eithe WULF Forged Adjustable Front Track Bar for 0-6" Lift Kits 1999-2004 Ford F250 F350 SuperDuty 4WD 4X4 Suspensions. (See Fig. This universal track bar bracket jeep axle mount for sale is great to have. The bracket raises the vehicle's axle side track bar mount by 3. Ford F350 Track Bar Brackets. A perfectly centered axle is important to have for proper steering and helps eliminate front end wobble. Track Bar Replacement Get the adjustable bar. Several problems can arise from this change. One end of the track bar is attached to the axle assembly while the other end is attached to the frame or chassis. This is an awesome addition to any XJ or ZJ utilizing an over the knuckle steering kit or that has over 4" of lift and has ripped off their factory Track Bar axle mount! If a new track bar axle mount is not included with the OTK kit, then Rusty's OTK Weld On I have a 06' TJ Unlimited Rubicon it has a 4" lift. Whenever you lift a Jeep that has a track bar the track bar angle will increase causing the axle to shift to on side as the track bar axle mount moves away from the frame. I run an OEM track bar and the weak side is the tie rod end that affixes ProRock44TM Raised Track Bar Bracket with Ram Assist/Steering Stabilizer mount Rev. Track Bar Axle Bolt: T-55. Fords' solution is to replace the entire front housing at great expense. 12503 TRACK BAR MOUNT; AXLE. AXLE TUBE SIZE. Place your order before 10am EST on a week day and we'll ship same day!* This heavy bracket is designed to replace the factory trackbar bracket for improved link geometry with crossover steering on the front 30 and Rubicon 44 axles in the Jeep TJ, LJ, XJ, and ZJ. The Stage I kit is designed to be the economical version without any bells and whistles. 75, 3. Friendly customer support. higher to correct trackbar angle when hi-steer conversion has been performed This will let you drill out your axle and frame mounting holes with a 5/8"/16mm drill bit, and use the larger hardware as needed. Choose from brackets and tabs for building custom suspension systems and kits such as 4-links, 3-links, long-arms, long-travel, parallel 4-link, Panhard bars, track-bars, shock mounting, shock mounts, link mounts, laser-cut steel, weld-on, off-road suspension fabrication and A Panhard rod (also called Panhard bar, track bar, or track rod) is a suspension link that provides lateral location of the axle. Finish your Cherokee lift properly with a heavy duty, adjustable track bar to center the axle at any ride height. This mount was  Trail-Gear Steering Ram Axle Housing & Tie Rod Mount Brackets Trail-Gear Rear Axle Upper Link Mount Synergy Jeep JK Front Axle Track Bar Bracket. 99 or . 12503 TRACK BAR MOUNT; AXLE | Questions about this item? Be the first to ask here. Price. Use a jack to lift the tires off of the ground and place jack stands under each side of the axle. This kit works perfectly with a stock track bar on a 4in lift, or an adjustable, factory-style track bar on 6in lifts. The bracket straddles the sway bar bracket which remains in place during installation. Of course, it isn't just Jeep track bar brackets that keep your track bar in place and your axle straight. See figure below for rebuild instructions. This bracket is a perfect solution if the track bar bracket bolt hole in your existing bracket is "wallowed out". Need a taller track bar mount to correct geometry? We got you covered. 2005-2016 Ford F-250/350 Direct Replacement Adjustable Trackbar- For trucks with leveling kits and lifts alike, this adjustable trackbar will recenter your axle and give you a more solid steering response and feel. I put some 6011 arc beads on each side and added a small brace. 60. Barnes 4wd trackbar or panhard bar brackets are the solution for replacing flimsy stock brackets, or building a new suspension. Will work for Right hand or left hand Trac Bar Jeep Track Bar Brackets. TJ Rear Truss Upper Control Arm Mount drivers side wtih track bar 97-06 Wrangler TJ/LJ TNT Customs. Clayton Off Road Inc. Trail-Link Three Front 3-Link Parts Individual Trail-Link Three™ Front 3-Link parts . My 1996 4Runner suffers from rear sag, and my mechanic says that my rear body mounts are shot, and recommends i find some online for cheaper for than what he can get them for. 75 Mounting Width with 3/4" Hole. Rusty's Offroad Front HD Track Bar Mount for 84-01 Jeep Grand G2 Axle & Gear Core 44 Axle Bracket Kit for Jeep When your upgrading to a D44, D60, 9" or other aftermarket axle and will be using a hi steer application, this is the trackbar bracket you will want. The factory  This heavy bracket is designed to replace the factory trackbar bracket for improved link geometry with crossover steering on the front 30 and Rubicon 44 axles in  Items 1 - 12 of 15 Rusty's Off-Road track bar mounts are perfect for installing your own custom track Rusty's Track Bar Mount - Weld On Rear Axle - JK Wrangler. It not only adapts the factory mount for proper track bar angles, it also strengthens the factory setup by tying into the axle via a u-bolt setup integrated into the design. Its purpose is to raise the track bar geometry back inline with  This heavy bracket is designed to replace the weak factory trackbar bracket on the front 30 and Rubicon 44 axles in the Jeep TJ, LJ, XJ, and ZJ. 8 Axle Swap Bracket Kit JK Rear Track Bar Relocation Bracket. Please use the FK Brand HRSMX Heim with built in hi-misalignment. Help solve the dreaded Dodge Ram 'death wobble' by installing upgraded trackbars and parts that give you steering stability. When you add a suspension lift on a Jeep vehicle, it not only gives you more ground clearance for those off road trips, but one drawback is that it can mess up your steering geometry and render your stock track bar useless. RYANVISION 29,542 views Heavy Duty track bar bracket for all Dana 30 and Dana 44 Rubicon front differentials. Tack weld the track bar body mount, then double check its position and fit. CavFab Jeep XJ Over the Axle (OTA) Track Bar System-The CavFab Over the Axle Track Bar System Solid 1045 Allow machined steelDouble AdjustableCurrie Enterprises Johnny Joints on BOTH endsCNC Precision Laser Cut Axle BracketDesigned to work with the R Ram Trucks made me mad - It was the Worst Truck Buying experience I've had from a car dealeruntil - Duration: 22:56. Clamp-on axle tube panhard bar brackets fit 3" diameter axle tubes. 95 $ 124. This bracket has been designed with most over the knuckle and WJ knuckle conversions in mind. Clamp-on design allows changing roll center height by loosening clamp and pivoting bracket up or down. They are extremely rigid while still allowing the necessary misalignment. The use of a front track bar relocation bracket may also be required on Jeeps that've been lifted from their original height. Part Number: 12503. 95. I attached the axle end to a bracket I built around the 2 cast-in leaf spring perch holes in the center section. Jeep track bar mounts also play a huge part in the overall operation of your axles and suspension system. Item # RBK-1002-11; We currently have 11 in stock. Weld the track bar body mount bracket in place. So with a new adjustable track bar it would mount Dodge 03-07 2500/3500 Track Bar Relocation Bracket INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. if its the mount, contact Ingalls Engineering at 1-800-641-9795 and ask for part number 4979. This track bar features multiple mounting locations to fine tune the rear roll center. Mount clamps on 3” OD axle tube and mounts the panhard bar at a forward angle. 0, 3. 8 out of 5 stars 3. 75"x . Heavy-duty trackbar bracket welds directly to axle housing and spring mount for maximum strength; Relocates mounting point 4. After a recent trail exercise, I received a broken rear axle side track bar mount. This is the bracket that comes with our High Roller Steering & Brake kit. ReadyLIFT Track Bar Relocation Bracket Kit for Ford F-250 F-350 Super Duty 4WD *We keep these in stock for immediate shipment. Its purpose is to raise the track bar geometry back inline with the drag link while keeping the track bar as long as possible. Sale $39. 75 Quick Reference Chart Bolt Sizes Torque Setting This chart, lists out most of the Trackbar Axle Mount Bolt: 15mm. 00. Teraflex Trackbar Axle Bracket Plate Kit Front - JK. track-bar and drop mount. So in my search for OEM like rear track bar axle mount I only found one from the company Auto Rust. As viewed from the rear of the car, the rear axle moves up and down along the arc of the Panhard bar’s radius. Got a bent trackbar bracket? We can help. Heavy Duty XJ/MJ/ZJ Track Bar Bracket This is the upper track bar bracket that comes in our High Roller Steering & Brake kit. The raised track-bar bracket with steering ram assist cylinder or steering stabilizer mount is an option for any 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Dynatrac ProRock44 front axle housing. Ordered their adj. 50. If a new axle is being installed or the existing axle is being narrowed, 4 bolt adjustmentable panhard bar mount axle end, angled, 4" below centerline $104. Track Bar Mounting Brackets in-stock with same-day shipping. The Stage I kit is for those who already have a 4" or 6" suspension lift. Using a 19mm, remove the track bar mounting bolt from the axle mount. 46-1608-45 4 bolt adjustable panhard bar mount axle end, angled 4-1/2 " below centerline $127. It consists of axle brackets, radius arms, radius arm brackets, track bar bracket, track bar, coil mount cups, high quality EMF rod ends, and all necessary grade 8 mounting hardware. Ball stud end is shipped assembled. Or just K. This is why aftermarket adjustable front track bars are almost a necessity when putting a lift kit on your Jeep. Features: Compatible with all lift heights, bracket can be trimmed for track bar bracket heights from stock, 1", 2" +3" over stock height; Includes additional tabs to mount either a Fox/Synergy steering stabilizer or PSC Hydraulic Assist Kit Shop Wrangler Track Bars. panhard. 125, 3. Track Bars, Track Bar Rebuild Kits and Related. The track bar and frame mount are powder coated black for durability and a great look. Filter Results. The brackets offer 3 mounting locations on either end, and opposing thread heim joints make axle centering as easy as twisting the track bar and tightening the  Is there any advantage in ride and handling to make a custom lower track bar mount that is directly above the axle instead of using the stock  Our control arm brackets are laser cut from 3/16" cold rolled steel and then CNC formed for unmatched precision and strength. It is recommended that the axle brackets are installed when the axle tube flanges are not on the axle. Clamp-on design allows changing roll center height by Keep your rear end centered with a track locator, which is also known as a panhard rod (panhard bar). Drill out the OE track bar axle mount to ½”. The other option with the ruff stuff mount, you cut off the old mount, and weld on the ruff stuff offset mount and it moves the bolt centerline for the hiem joint parallel to the ground putting the joint in its strongest and longest lasting position and range of movement, plus the track bar is way simpler with just two hiem joints. Commonly used on Jeeps, they are also used on Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, Dodge, Chevrolet, Chevy, GMC, Nissan, and Suzuki trucks. These act as alignment bars to prevent side to side movement of the rear axle. It also provides support, reducing lateral movement from side to side, a feature helpful for those who wheel as well as for those who simply go off-road once in a while.  This is a fabricators bracket. INFINITY SERIES CHROMOLY Front Axle Shaft Pair Jeep DANA 30, TJ & XJ - 27 ZJ Ford 8. It will help with axle centering problems caused by the lift. Available Options: Upper Link Axle Bracket, 110144-1-KIT Upper Link Frame  FAB Trackbar Relocation Bracket Heavy-duty trackbar bracket welds directly to axle housing and spring mount for maximum strengthRelocates mounting point  TJ/LJ/XJ/ZJ 3 Link Front Axle Bracket Kit W/Adj Track Bar Mount (3. Track Bar Install, Front, to End Death Wobble on TJ's** frame side of my track bar mount. Our offset bushing setup provides ample clearance for high articulation Jeeps and allows room for lifts to about 6" tall. 3. Mar 2018 Dynatrac’s Raised track bar bracket with steering ram assist cylinder or steering stabilizer mount is an option for any 2007-2018 Jeep JK ProRock44 front axle housing. 5. and mount it on the top of the diff axle housing as far as possible to the other end of the frame. Shop and save on classic Ford Truck and Bronco parts today! Hitch mount design. The bushing on the axle end didn't want to go in the mount so I was trying to pry it open just enough to slip in and it cracked in the bend where the front of the mount wraps around to make the channel for the bushing Our adjustable lower rear track bar relocation bracket for the Jeep® JK Wrangler mounts to the rear axle housing's track bar mount, rear lower control arm mount and axle tube and is designed to be extremely rigid and durable. Comes unassembeled and will requir Front axle track bar mount (on the front rear) Don’t know what to tell you. (Fig 1) Center the stud and install Dave's Customs Unlimited HEAVY DUTY front universal track bar (panhard) mounting kit without tubing. We use a new track bar bracket that locates your track bar frame mount forward from the stock position to allow for your front axle to be pushed forward more than any other bar. The new track bar location mimics the drag link angle perfectly and eliminates bump steer. Get yours today! TJ Rear Truss Upper Control Arm Mount drivers side wtih track bar 97-06 Wrangler TJ/LJ TNT Customs. It pulled almost completely off the axle tube on both sides of the mount. 5 Installed Rusty's adjustable track bars today and cracked the axle end mount on the front axle. Used to drop the stock track bar back to proper geometery to allow proper alignment. This is to be used in conjunction with the OTK ( over the knuckle ) tie rod flip. Jeep Grand Cherokee rear truss passenger side mount  Our SafeTCap ART-146-L is a complete replacement for the original track bar and upper trailing arm bracket mounted on the rear axle. Available for left side or right side mount and connects Panhard bar. Raised Track Bar Bracket for Jeep XJ, TJ, LJ, MJ Dana 30 front axle This is the bracket that comes with our High Roller Steering & Brake kit. Choose Options. Using a quality rear end alignment bar is important on 4 link suspension systems to keep the axle in position through the whole range of suspension travel. My frame side track bar bracket is a custom one using a Barnes4wd outside frame mount that I modified. I. The Teraflex High Steer Front Track Bar Axle Bracket Kit will get your Jeep's  OTK Raised Trackbar Mount. The Tuff Country front and rear track bar brackets are designed to be used with existing suspension lift kits. Our SafeTCap ART-146-L is a complete replacement for the original track bar and upper trailing arm bracket mounted on the rear axle. This front track bar bracket helps to properly center your axle under your Jeep. has the ultimate in front axle bracket kits. The track bar centers the axle at all times, keeping you and your rig going straight down the road. 1, below). We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. Remove the cotter pin and loosen the nut (22mm wrench) at the ball stud at the frame end of the trackbar. These brackets are required for  The YETI XD™ Track Bar relocation bracket is designed to correct the geometry of the track bar on Jeep Wrangler JK's that are equipped with a top mounted  One end of the track bar mounts to the chassis or frame of your vehicle, and the other end fastens to the axle assembly. A track bar is essential to keeping your Wrangler's rear axle centered under your Jeep Wrangler. Durable, inexpensive and made in the USA! I bought this bracket after replacing all of the bushings on my control arms and axle, as well as my ball joints and unit bearings but still getting death wobble, after some searching I found that the track bar bracket's bolt hole sometimes gets wallowed out, so I drilled out the bracket and the bushing and went with a bigger bolt but it seems TeraFlex Rear Track Bar Axle Bracket For 3"-6" Lift 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK. Order your new track bar kit at 4WheelParts. This steel Panhard bar bracket is a single mount, clamp-on style Panhard bracket. The Panhard bar, named after the early 20th century French car company, is a single link attached between the chassis and the axle assembly. zerk at the axle will face down to allow for access once the track bar is installed. Adjustable Panhard/Tracbar Axle Mount 5", 6", 7" Separations from center of axle tube. This mount was developed to fit a 2. 5-6-inch Lifts for Jeep 4WD, 07-18 Wrangler Unlimited JK 4WD/2WD. Is there a trick to this that I haven't thought of? This is a shot of what the new TeraFlex MONSTER adjustable rear track bar looks like. Some of the "diagonal" track bars with the 4-link kits (running from front 4-link mount to rear mount) seem flimsy to me. Northridge4x4 carries large selection of Axle Brackets and Trusses to strengthen your Jeep's Axle. Unfortunately, this also forces the axle-mounted track bar bracket out of alignment and places tremendous pressure on the entire track bar assembly. The track bars are there to essentially help the axle locate and align itself under the Jeep to keep itself centered and straight. Remove the bolt (18mm wrench) at the axle end of the trackbar. I turned off the visibility of the gas tank so the rear axle / track bar could be seen more clearly. Lower Ball Joint Front At Track Bar Mount Left or Right Fits F250 F350 F450 Northridge4x4 carries a large selection of Track Bar Brackets for your Jeep from ARB, AEV, Artec, TeraFlex Currie and others. 5, 2. (6) Quick-Change Panhard Bar Mount, Adjustable, Drop I'm doing a little interpreting here based on my assumptions about what you mean to be a track bar vs. 1980-1997 Ford F350 4wd - Tuff Country Track Bar Bracket (4" drop) Ford F350 Adjustable Track Bars; Ford Finally! All the top-quality custom off-road shock brackets and mount tabs for suspension you need, all in one place. com and regain control of your machine. This mount requires welding to properly mount it to your axle. 12078 REAR SHOCK MOUNT 97-06 TJ. Thank you for visiting. x. Utilizing this bracket alleviates the task of drilling a new axle mount point so close to the original, meaning a faster and easier install with more peace of mind. 5, 4. A ball-in-socket type flex joint is the solution that lastsand takes the stress off your track bar mount. The Ultimate 44 has thicker brackets, and a different caster angle. This heavy duty bracket lowers the track bar for better angles on lifted vehicles and uses a standard 2-5/8" width bushing or rod end. Amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail! Can't wait till I get their long arm upgrade kit for my '91 2-door XJ with 6+ inches of lift and 35s! **customer for life** Adjustable Offset Panhard/Tracbar Axle Mount. Install the axle brackets a. Figure 9 6. 250" DOM w/ 7/8" heims FWIW. Fits 3" axle tubes. Also, I need a new track bar, and have been unable to locate one after checking every major parts warehouse online. These Flex Joints have held up extremely well in testing and have solved every problematic bushing application we have encountered. Note: Do NOT make any modifications to the track bar mount at the driver’s side frame. It must be done to make the drag link and the trackbar  Heavy Duty track bar bracket for all Dana 30 and Dana 44 Rubicon front Dana 30 XJ/YJ (D30 HP) - DANA 30 COVERS / AXLE ARMOR UPGRADE PARTS  Teraflex's Jeep TJ Front Track Bar Axle Bracket for High Steer is sold here from a knowledgeable sales staff at low prices with great customer service. Track Bar Bracket for doing a Solid Axle Swap under the front end of your Bronco II, 83-97 Ranger or 91-94 Explorer. Autofab has created a repair kit that solves this problem and provides a stronger bracket for the track bar. Multiple mounting hole locations allows you to fine tune the track bar angles to eliminate and correct bump steer or other front-end issues. So, as the rear axle moves up and down, it also moves slightly left or The TeraFlex TJ/LJ Dana 44/Dana 60 Rear Axle Track Bar Mount is constructed from heavy-duty, CNC laser cut and precision bent 3/16”-thick steel and is accurately formed to ensure proper positioning for correct suspension geometry. FREE SHIPPING! Correct Your Jeep's Suspension Geometry With Durable Brackets. c. Mount uses climber nut for quick adjustment. Or, you can just do this as a bigger-bolt upgrade, as our 2003-2007. 0 in. 5 trackbar and our 2008-2013 trackbar are identical, except for bolt sleeve inside diameters. com part number Art-146 Clamp-on axle tube panhard bar brackets fit 3" diameter axle tubes. 9 out of 5 stars 22. Thats a tough one to just fall off and leave no sign of where it was. Changing the track bar, and had to cut the bolts, both for the frame mount, and @ the axle mount. $124. track bar axle mount

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